Design and Technology


At English Martyrs, we aim for all children to develop skills and knowledge in design, structures, mechanisms and a wide variety of materials, including food. At each stage of learning, children will be able to build on previous skills and develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world.

We intend to do this by:

  • Ensuring a high quality and progressive D.T. curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable
  • Encourage children to problem solve and develop and adapt their ideas to create a range of products
  • Create opportunities for practical activities and develop creativity
  • Nurturing innovation and developing the confidence in children so they will take risks


Our school adopts a comprehensive approach to long-term, medium-term, and short-term planning that seamlessly progresses across each year group, nurturing a diverse range of Design and Technology skills. Our dedicated teachers meticulously prepare engaging and enjoyable lessons, ensuring a high-quality learning experience.

We follow a curriculum designed within our Trust, drawing from the Twinkl scheme for Design and Technology from Years One to Six. This carefully crafted curriculum ensures a continuum of learning, allowing for a well-structured progression. Our yearly overviews serve as a strategic guide for each year group, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the curriculum. Teachers possess a secure grasp of year-group expectations, enabling them to chart a clear path toward academic growth within our well-structured and progressive curriculum.


The result of our approach is evident in our pupil voice, where students express enthusiasm and enjoyment in Design and Technology. Children enjoy learning new skills and can see how these can extend beyond the classroom and be used in their everyday lives.

Our students acquire a deeper knowledge, retain more information, and gain a comprehensive understanding of Design Technology, which they confidently demonstrate when utilizing tools and skills, both in and outside of the classroom.

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