Our Music curriculum aims to offer a unique means of communication that can excite, motivate and inspire. It is also a vital means of personal expression, and can remain an important part of a child’s emotional development. Our Music curriculum reflects the socio-cultural climate in which we live. This will enable our children to understand their place in the wider world.

We intend to do this by:

  • Ensuring a high quality music curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable
  • Providing a variety of musical opportunities – including opportunities for performance, composition, listening and music history
  • Planning and delivering stimulating lessons
  • Ensuring children are confident musicians


Long, medium and short term planning is used and is progressive across year groups. Teachers teach lessons across all strands of Music, and children are given the opportunity to listen, respond, compose and perform.

  • Teachers follow the BKCAT Long-Term Planning for Music and also use the Charanga music scheme which includes progressive lessons
  • Teachers use effective assessment to inform planning
  • All children in Year 5 and 6 are taught to play the melodica
  • Children in Year 2 learn to play the ocarina
  • Children will develop listening skills to promote attention and encourage emotional, physical and intellectual responses
  • Children will be taught to play instruments to develop their own interpretation of music, giving children the opportunities to plan, prepare and create music


  • Children will develop a love of music
  • Children have the ability to appreciate and respond to a piece of music
  • Children will gain musical knowledge and vocabulary
  • Children will have the ability to compose and perform their own piece of music, allowing them to express their new knowledge and develop confidence
  • Pupil voice, assessment and lesson drops ins show progression in music across school

Music Plan

National Curriculum