At English Martyrs Catholic Primary School, we believe that excellent attendance and punctuality are essential for every child. Children should come to school every day and on time that school is open unless absolutely unavoidable. Promoting excellent attendance is the duty of everyone; parents/ carers, staff and pupils. Occasionally children can be reluctant to come to school, we would encourage parents to discuss this with the class teacher or Learning Mentor, Mrs Dunning.

Why is regular school attendance so important for my child?

Regular attendance at school means that your child can make the most of their education and improve their chances in adult life. School can also help your child’s social skills such as making and developing friendships. A regular and punctual attendance pattern will help your child when they enter the world of work.

The link between attendance and attainment in school is clear. The more a pupil is in school the more they increase their opportunity to fulfil their potential.


Request for leave of absence during term time

The law states that parents do not have a right to take their child out of school for a holiday during term time. Only in exceptional circumstances may a head teacher grant permission for leave.

Useful documents

Trust Attendance Policy 2022

Child friendly attendance policy

Attendance Review Letter to Parents (25th April 2023)Attendance ladder

Late/Absence Procedures

  • If a child arrives late, they should make their way to the front office with their parent/carer where they can sign in giving their reason for lateness.
  • Late arrivals are monitored very closely and where there is continued lateness, the academy will invite parents/carers in to discuss the problem.
  • It is essential that children arriving late/leaving early are signed in or out from the office.  The signing in/out register is used in the case of an emergency or fire drill.
  • If a pupil is late but the register is still open, they are marked as late.  If the register has already closed when a pupil arrives late and without satisfactory explanation, it may be classed as an unauthorised absence.  This may lead to legal action for not ensuring regular and punctual attendance.
  • Pupils who arrive late are missing an important part of the school day.  Parents/carers are encouraged to help their child get off to the best start by helping them to be punctual and ready to begin the school day in a calm and happy frame of mind.
  • Punctuality is important because if, for example, a child arrives 15 minutes late each day, they lose almost 2 weeks of education a year.

Procedures for notifying an absence:

  • If your child is ill, you are expected to contact the school on the first morning of absence (by 9:00am) and every day after that.
  • If you are unable to speak to a member of the Admin team, please leave a message when telephoning the school. If the school does not receive information about your child’s absence, a member of staff will then contact you via telephone.
  • If the school still does not have a reason for absence, a home visit will take place from a Senior Leader (accompanied by the learning mentor usually) to establish the reason for your child’s absence.
  • Is my child too ill for school?

It can be tricky deciding whether or not to keep your child off school, nursery or playgroup when they’re unwell.  For more information click here.