At English Martyrs we want to make sure that every child’s voice is heard as we plan for their future and develop our school. Our School Council and Eco-Council are an elected group of children who represent their class, attend meetings, seek opinions and plan events. To find out more about their work, read on …

Eco Council

Congratulations to our Eco councillors who were elected democratically through class elections.



Year 1:

Year 2:

Year 3:

Year 4:

Year 5:

Year 6:

Our staff leaders are Mrs Grover and Mrs Thewlis.


What is an Eco Council?

The Eco Council is a group of pupils who meet each month to discuss eco-friendly and environmental issues within school, which prepares children to live their future lives with consideration for global issues.

Why do we have an Eco Council?

-To ensure our school is eco-friendly and prepares pupils to live with reflection of the environment.

-To make sure each class has a platform to voice their opinions.

-To discuss and raise issues related to the environment.

Achievements to date include:

Raising awareness of how to save energy in school and the importance of recycling.

Planting vegetables in our planters and harvesting the food.